From the goat to teddy bear

The way to the finished stuffed animals from mohair starts in province of Ankara in Turkey, because this is where the Angora goat originally comes from. Today, it is kept in South Africa, The United States, Australia and Madagascar as well, to produce the great natural fiber. The fur of the Angora goat is long, curly and very silk-like. Depending on the age of the animal, the texture of the wool changes from very fine (Kidmohair) through “Young goat” to a solid natural fiber of the “adult” animal.

The term mohair comes from Arabic word and means “a type of haircloth “.

Mohair is won by shearing, which is done twice a year on the Angora goats (summer and winter fur). An Angora goat delivers an average of 7kg of wool per year. This is later processed into textiles, blankets, pillows, upholstery, carpets and as in our case to teddy bear fabrics. The interest in mohair fabrics is still growing, especially in the textiles sector, because unlike real furs the animals doesn’t have to be harmed. In addition you have the natural characteristics of wool, because mohair is very soft and comfortable to wear. The fibers are water-repellent due to their fine structure and the fabric has a cooling effect in summer and a warming effect in winter.

However, mohair is a bit more demanding in terms of care. Never use a tumble dryer and when washing it, it is definitely recommended to wash by hand and with appropriate wool detergent.