Whether alpaca, mohair, viscose, cotton or synthetic fabrics, the Steiff-Schulte weaving mill stands for high-quality fabrics that have been woven, dyed and structured with care. And of course 100% Made in Germany.


Welcome to the website about Steiff-Schulte Mohair.

First of all: This website is not the official website of Steiff-Schulte Webmanufaktur GmbH, you can find it here.

This website is managed by ProBär GmbH. Our contact details can be found in the footer of this website as well as in the imprint. Above all, this website contains great insights into the manufacturing processes in which the great plush fabrics are created piece by piece.

Behind the scenes

With this website we would like to give you an insight into the really complex work creating the lovely Steiff-Schulte fabrics. During a visit to the factory in Duisburg, we were able to make great videos and photos, which we provide to you on this website.


Hedgehog mohair

Actually, we are known at ProBear for our fast and uncomplicated delivery of incoming orders, but … .. Sometimes it just takes time and there are bottlenecks in delivery. That’s always very unpleasant. But once you have seen with how much love and effort, the unique hedgehog mohair arises inch by inch, you can see …


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